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1. diena – Welcome to the first day of your Anti-Procrastination Plan!

Your Anti-Procrastination Plan is now ready!

Hi, I’m James. I will guide you through this entire journey to help you learn to plan your day and without trying to put off tasks for too long. Together, we will manage to significantly improve your time management skills by eliminating your habit of procrastination. Depending on how you answered your quiz, I will help you stop trying to delay what you must do to be able to meet the demands of your job without delaying any important tasks. I will help you achieve your career and academic goals in terms of your productivity, meeting deadlines, project submissions, exam preparation, and other issues that could be affecting your chances of success at school or workplace. 

85% people, who had a similar procrastination profile as you, reported significant changes in their planning/prioritizing skills and the ability to take action with this program.

I know what wasting your precious time could do to your career when you ignore the importance of avoiding procrastination. I also know that it can be hard for you to get out of your current mindset and start with an anti-procrastination program.

But don’t worry! We will figure this out together. I will lead you through this journey step-by-step.

The structure of this journey

Your program starts with the evaluation phase, wherein you will be encouraged to introspect why you have been delaying getting on to work on some tasks and projects. Depending on your quiz answers, you will receive advice and suggestions on eliminating your negative behavior pattern that could be responsible for your reluctance to adopt the planned approach you must follow to stay ahead of others and overcome your productivity issues at the school, workplace, and home. 

After we finish our evaluation phase, we will focus on learning and understanding the fundamentals of personal psychology, motivation, and willpower. I will also provide you insights into why you need to rely on intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation to be able to plan and follow through the activities related to the project you are working on.

After you have adapted to the initial behavior changes, we will move on to your career goals with the help of this plan.

65% of our members have started with similar self-discipline levels, so you will receive guidance on improving it and building positive lifestyle habits, by setting exciting but achievable goals. 

This plan will consist of 3 main parts:

  • During the first part of the plan, we will focus on why you have been procrastinating your tasks at the workplace, school, or college.
  • The second part will be will be dedicated to boosting your motivation and willpower so that you do not miss deadlines and are able to meet your targets.
  •  You will go through the third part of the program learning how to build self-discipline, set goals, and gain confidence.

I want to make sure that after finishing your program, you will know how to get rid of your habit of procrastination that is coming in your way of achieving your career goals.  

Each email will include an easy-to-implement task that will range from strategically planning your daily routine to quickly defusing self-defeating behaviors. I want to make sure you find the right combination of anti-procrastination tools that works for your career goals.

I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all template when it comes to avoiding procrastination. 

The whole aim of this program is to help you explore all the possible tools that would work for you to ensure you are able to make progress related to your projects without further procrastination.