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3. nodarbība

Capture procrastination activities

Welcome back, ___!
Next up, it is important to become aware of the things that typically distract you from your task or goal.


Today’s Tasks (Nodarbības uzdevumi):

  • Capture Procrastination activities

Click on the buttom below to get to a list of the most common procrastination activities. Choose the ones that apply to you the most and form your list of procrastination activities.

Add procrastination activities to your list

Which of the procrastination activities below are the most common to you& Click the “+” buttom to add to your list.

Pleasurable tasks: hobbies; music, videos; shopping; surfing the net; computer games; social media; movies, TV, videos.

Lower priority tasks: other less important projects; researching a topic of interest; email, slack, teams etc; tiding; sorting things; paperwork; exercising.

Socializing: goint out; messaging friends or family; phoning friends or family; seeing friends or family.

Daydreaming: imagining a better life; imagining a task is already completed; thinking about the past or future.

Distractions: drugs; drinking; smoking; eating; sleeping.

Other? Couldn’t find out the lists above? Add a Free-Form procrastination activity below.

+ Add Manually

Review Your list of activities.


Procrastination activities

When you put off something important, you typically replace it with another activity that isn’t a top priority at the time (think watching YouTube, browsing social media, running errands, etc.). These are your procrastination activities.

These activities are not necessarily evil. They only become a problem when they work against us and prevent us from achieving genuinely crucial objectives.

Become Conscious of such activities

It’s critical to become conscious of the factors that normally cause you to get sidetracked so that whenever this happens, you can stop for a moment and ask the following question:

  • “Am I doing this to delay something more important?”

Continue if the response is “No, there isn’t a more crucial activity I need to be completing right now.”

If you answered “Yes, I am substituting this for something very important”, see this is a trigger to implement Virtue Map anti-procrastination strategies right now.

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