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5. nodarbība

Capture procrastination excuses

Today’s tasks

  • Capture Procrastination Excuses

Go through the list of the most common procrastination excuses and add each excuse that applies to you to your list. By doing this exercise, you are attempting to identify the self-talk that tells you that you have a legitimate reason to put something off and that your procrastination is acceptable and justifiable.

Add Procrastination Excuses To Your List

Which of the procrastination excuses below are the most common to you? Click the “+” button to add to your list.

Pre-Defined Options

I work better under pressure. So I’ll leave it to the last minute.

I don’t have enough time to get it all done. I’ll wait for a longer time period to do it.

I have other things to do. I’ll do it once those other items are finished.

I don’t feel inspired. I will wait till I do.

I have plenty of time. So I don’t have to start it now.

I don’t have everything I need. I’ll wait till I do.

I’ll miss out on the fun happening now. I can wait till nothing much is happening.

I don’t want to do it now. I may feel more like doing it tomorrow.

I’m really tired. I’m better off doing it after I have rested.

Free-Form Excuses

Couldn’t Find On the Lists Above? Add a Free-Form Procrastination Excuse Below. Add Manually (button)


Welcome back, ___!

As a result of procrastination, we can experience intense guilt or shame for putting off crucial tasks. Therefore, we frequently use rationalization for our procrastination to get by and feel less guilty.

Over time, such rationalizations become constantly repeating excuses for procrastination.

Elements Of Truth

The complexity of these excuses is that they frequently contain some element of truth. For instance, it may be true that you are tired. you don’t have everything you need, or you don’t have enough time to do it now. You aren’t in the mood, it is a nice day, and so on.

Unhelpful Conclusions

The issue arises when you draw the incorrect conclusion from these truths and decide that postponing the task till later is acceptable. This conclusion needs to be altered, and we will demonstrate how to do that later in the program.

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