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8. nodarbība

Unhelpful Rules & Assumptions: Finish Sentence

Today’s Tasks:

  • Put Down Unhelpful Rules & Assumptions

Look for internal self-talk related to procrastination that starts with:

  • I must…
  • I should….
  • I can’t…
  • If I… then.. 

Add Unhelpful Rules & Assumptions To Your List

We’ll later help you go through this list and define your alternative helpful rules and assumptions.

Start with “I must…”. “I should…”, “I can’t…”, or “If I…. then…”

Add Rule or Assumption  (button)

Welcome back, _____! In the previous lesson, you selected the harmful rules and assumptions that applied to you from a list of the most common examples

Today, let’s try to capture and formulate additional harmful rules and assumptions that may lead to procrastination.

Identify Your Unhelpful Rules

So, what are those unhelpful rules?

That is, what do you expect from yourself or your life that leads you to put off important things?

Look for internal self-talk that starts with:

  • I must…
  • I should…
  • I can’t…

Identify Your Unhelpful Assumptions

What are your unhelpful assumptions that lead you to procrastinate?

What do you expect will happen if you actually work on the items you tend to procrastinate on?

If I… then…

Identifying your unhelpful rules and assumptions may be hard, but it’s worth it

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